Process and Pricing

Portraits from Reference Photographs

I generally work from one or more reference photographs. Photos should be clear and in focus. The subject should have a reasonable amount of lighting. Photos with natural lighting are better choices than photos that use a flash. I am happy to review several photos to help you determine which are portrait worthy.

If you would like to commission a portrait based on a professional photo, I ask that the photographer provide written permission. Keep in mind that there are probably more lovely opportunities for portraits in the candid moments of life from your own photo collections.


The price of a work is based on size and complexity.  I will help you determine the best dimensions for your portrait based on the subject of the painting and your needs. A small portrait of a single subject with the dimensions of 11 x 14 inches starts at $924.

Price of the art does not include sales tax and the cost of shipping.

Prices referred to here are subject to change at any time.


A deposit of 50% the cost of the portrait is due upfront. The remaining cost (including any shipping or travel) is due upon your approval of the work. The finished and unframed painting will then either be shipped, picked up, or if you live in or near the Twin Cities, MN, delivered to your residence or to a local frame shop.